Meet Your CPG - Certified Professional Groomer

Elizabeth McNeilly

Elizabeth McNeilly, Paws and Pamper, Dog groomer

Hello! I'm Elizabeth McNeilly, and I am the Professional behind  this wonderful operation. My right hand man is Fred (Whom retired in 2017), my Lab/Husky Mix  Fred is 8 now and showing his age. and I've enjoyed every  moment of it. As you can see, he's a big boy and loves company. I also  own two ferrets, Alice and Tinkerbelle -"the Girls," as I call them. My  little balls of fun and Fred are the loves of my life, as well as my Zen  Center my Horse named Spice, a half Belgian Mare. 

      I began the Idea of Paw and Pamper,L.L.C years ago when I was still in  collage for Equine Science for horse training and instructing. I just love  the way both the person and the horse get the light bulb effect when  they learn, the moment when it all comes together. I love seeing that happen, and have a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.

        After a small accident and surgery that changed it all,  I decided to go learn Equine Sports Massage as I so desperately still wanted to be around animals. I found my nitch, and wow! What a perfect calling, I hold a Equine Sports massage certification.(CESMT) I went back to school for canine massage and I'am Certified Canine Sports and therapeutic massage Practitioner. (CCSMT) 

       I have become certified all-breed Dog Groomer.(CPG) In  2015, I moved my  grooming  shop to part of my home. making it a calm space for one-on-one appointments.  Using all-natural products including aromatherapy. Having the business from home added Pet sitting and dog walking services to my venue. While I worked on Buying my current location at 3355  S Clark.

Paws and Pamper  is certified & insured. I am a member of  multiple accredited associations, such as the Association, and Pet Sitters International.BBB

Kiersten Hall

Hi, my Name is Kiersten and I'm a Complete animal Lover. I grew up  in Great Falls,MT surrounded  by cats, dogs and horses . I currently have my own small critters. Though I am hear in Missoula studying Music Education at the University, I have found a home and a love here at Paws and Pamper. Learning  under Elizabeth how to groom has been so rewarding, and being with these animals has brought me so much joy. 

I also ride horses, mostly Western  though I'm enjoying this new mount I have been working with doing more English based.


Fred is my "big Guy " weighing in at 113 he's the resident cuddle bug though in his old age fred is not in the shop often due to major health issues with  blindness, thiriod issues, and Allergy's  that make him less cuddly 


Maggie - My Small Black Lab is Small but with a occasional Mighty Voice. Maggie Really Just wants to say hello. I due work with trainers to ensure good manors. but no one perfect.