Professional Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Benefit's

 Benefits of Dog Grooming 

       Bathing: Keeps coat healthy and free from dirt, dead skin, fleas and ticks.

Remove dead hair and skin: Grooming allows you to remove dead hair and skin from your dog’s coat.

This will not only improve the look of the coat, but will also improve air circulation to the skin. This is

especially important during the hot months when it is hot and humid.

    Nail trimming: Keeps nails from becoming overgrown and keeps dew claw healthy.

    Ear cleaning: Discourages growth of parasites and bacteria.

    Shaving paw pads: Keeps pad clean so ice, burs, etc. do not become embedded.

     Dog socializing: Dogs get to socialize with one another becoming more "dog friendly"

     Locate parasites: Fleas and other parasites can cause dog allergies. While grooming your dog keep an eye out for fleas and ticks and remove them right away. These parasites can cause other problems for your dog as well. Benefits to good dog grooming.

Grooming Spa Package includes:

 Full Spa Package  Includes

Ears, Nail( Sanitary area's)"tails and Tummy  Bath and Brush, Breed Cut, anal Gland Expression,

 Doutera oils 

Bandanna or bow-tie  and cologne ,All while getting a Private Appointment

V.I.P Very Important Puppy Packages

 VIP Puppy Package 

Bring your Puppy in for grooming fun, while teaching him too be a wonderful at the groomers. Happy and safe in his environment.  1 hr.  4  visits 2 weeks apart. . gives your puppy a great constancy a little one will need to know what to do when the come to the groomer all while receiving Love. 

All  Puppy's up to 6th Month of age. or 60 pounds 

Other Services


Tooth Brushing

This will help maintain healthy gums and aid in tartar and plaque control.

Anal Sacs expression

. De-Matting

Mudd Treatments available 

Special Needs Dogs

Please let us know if your dog is a special need dog.  This includes senior dogs, overweight dogs, or dogs with medical problems such as arthritis, hip dyspepsia, or other medical issues that may require special assistance.  When you make an appointment please notify us of your pet’s needs.  This will help us be prepared.

Fear biters

If your dog is a fear biter, please be honest and let us know ahead of time. Your groomer is trained to handle such cases. However, at times, when a dog is unmanageable the safety of the groomer becomes of paramount importance. In such instances, we reserve the right to turn away a dog client.​

Dog grooming


Dog grooming in Missoula Just got Better With  3355 S Clark Street Location Paws and Pamper dog grooming services isn't just about making your dog look pretty, It's about Caring for their coats We are a full service grooming salon and upscale spa for your Fur Baby 

We are in this business because we are absolutely passionate about pets. While in our care, your pet is always our number one priority from start to finish. When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, the skin and coat are carefully evaluated; the right shampoo and products are used to provide rejuvenation and or enhance skin condition. Your pet is pampered, massaged and professionally groomed with the utmost love and compassion in a luxurious facility that is safe, serene and pristine.

We are committed to building a relationship with you. We believe in promoting wellness and high standards for your pet’s continued healthcare. We will discuss your pet’s grooming and coat needs with you and provide you with an exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing the best of the industry to our pet clients as well as their, emotional and physical benefits to professional grooming, which should be completed every 4-6 weeks to keep your dog's health and look consistent


Matted Fur.

Shave Down and Mat Policy Dogs that are moderately/severely matted will be clipped short to start re-growth of new, undamaged coat.  The de-matting process is not only dangerous and inhumane, but nearly pointless after this level of grooming neglect.  De-matted hair is damaged and brittle and will only become matted again. Dematting can be a long and painful process. If we do not believe we can remove the mats in a timely manner or we feel your pet is in pain, we will not continue and will clip short/shave. We firmly believe grooming should be an enjoyable experience and will not put your pet through the discomfort of unnecessary de-matting.

 Excessive de-matting can also cause irreversible skin damage. Such mats must be shaved. We do not leave mats on animals as it can lead to sores on the skin Paws and Pamper is not responsible for conditions revealed under matted fur or caused as a result of matted fur. Matted fur may cause irritated skin, sores, and other adverse conditions. Matted fur causes the skin to be more sensitive to grooming blades and, because the skin has not been able to "breathe", may result in a rash, sores, or cuts once uncovered. Matted fur increases the risk of cuts and nicks and cuts as it prevents blades from moving smoothly through the fur. Our strict de-matting policy puts all animals' health and comfort above cosmetics and aesthetics, when necessary. It is our effort to promote the ongoing health and comfort of all pets at our shop. We understand that many owners do not know that their pet is matted because the "top coat" seems touchably soft. Our groomers are trained professionals who can identify mats that are too tight to be combed. We offer a "back on track" program for matted animals so that we can help you maintain your pet's longer coat once it grows back


Vaccination Records:  To protect the health and well-being of all dogs and cats at Paw and Pamper  we must verify proof that your pet is completely up to date on all of his or her shots & vaccinations before your 1st appointment. We will accept a typed receipt/record from your Veterinarian at the time of your 1st visit with the name and phone number of your Veterinarian.

Re-do policy: Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are unhappy for any reason, and would like something adjusted, I will be happy to make any adjustments when you pick-up your pet from his/her appointment. Once, however, you take your pet home from the appointment, any return visits will be treated as a new appointment and client will be charged a grooming fee of some kind.

Extended Pick up Fee

I ask that you pick up your pet within one hour of receiving our call that your pet is ready.  We respect your time and assume you respect ours. We hope you understand that like you, we have family and plans after we leave our salon. We do know that “things happen”. and therefore we give you a 45 min.  minute cushion  after our phone call to Pick your Fur Baby  it's a "extended Pick up Fee" at $ 10.00  we can't fit more clients untill you pick up your fur baby. 

Cancellation. We ask for 24 hours’ notice of appointment cancellation so that we may book other clients and conduct normal business.  A $35.00 fee applies to no shows and late cancelations. We allow two missed appointments. After that a credit card must be provided to book all future appointments. A $35.00 fee applies for all missed appointments.

Tipping Your Groomer

If you are pleased with the service you have received we encourage you to show your appreciation to your groomer. Although not required, a gratuity is a powerful way to say "I appreciate your work." Even a note from you, simply saying "thanks for a job well done" means a great deal.

Early Bird Drop off between 8-9 AM can Drop off their Fur Baby before I open for  $8.00 

Flea Policy. In order to keep a flea-free facility, all animals found with fleas will be treated immediately, at owner's expense. Treatment is NOT a long-term preventative and should be followed by client's preferred oral or topical treatment after 24 hours.

Behavioral issues: We will make every attempt to groom uncooperative pets, but we may not be able to complete grooming on pets that pose a threat to themselves, other pets or our groomers. We reserve the right to decline a return appointment for pets whose behavior makes it unsafe for us to groom them.

Contagious?  For the safety of our other clients, please do not bring an animal that has any type of contagious skin issue, disease, fungus, or worms. If we identify any problem, we will ask that you pick up your pet immediately and pay for the portion of grooming that was completed.

Shave Down and Mat Policy 

If you would like a shave down of ANY Length

If your dog is matted and you would like your dog shaved Down, if the groomer has to brush for 15 min on the dog it’s $15.00 for 15 min and I won’t do it longer than 30 min Ever. If your Pet cannot be de-mat humanly with brushing first. I will tell you it is “time to start over “and will ask permission to shave your dog down. Shaving a Dog may be Necessary due to matting or it may be a personal choice. Shaving Means “to Clip the Coat very close to skin, which gives it a “smooth” look.

Please Keep in mind that Shave Downs and Matted Coats Can cause or bring to light numerous health problems

-Loss of Hair Growth

-Bald Patches and or thin spots where skin is visible

- A different coat collar close to the skin I.E. a redcoat may be blonde after

--Coat growing back in different collars or textures

- Itching, scratching, biting, Shame, licking, shaking, twitching, spinning, rubbing,

-Hyper Pigmentation – a darking of the skin where the coat has not grown back

-Sunburn – may expose pre- exposed Sunburn

-Loss of Guard Coat – esp. In Double Coated Breeds.

-Hotspots can develop – Dog that have them prier can become worse

If the coat is matted you need to be aware the nicks, cuts, abrasions, razor burns, and all over skin irrition(s) are most likely. In a effort to help prevent these things from occurring, I groom the dog slowly, using the proper tools for removing the matting and following a skin soothing shampoo and conditioner. Extra charges Occur with shave downs and De-matting and the Final price won’t be given until completion.