Dog Walking

Dog Walking


If you’re like most pet lovers, you hate leaving your pet(s) at Home all day or while your  away, Let us Help you keep your pet comfortable, supervised, fed and played with all with the comforts of home.  

Our service provides your Dog, and Bird and Small Pets the care, Paw Parade Dog Walks (Private Dog Walks)  30 Min, 1 Hr and Check In's as well as watering Plants. 

Our staff truly loves animals. With us, you are assured reliable and responsible service.

Dog Walking

Meet & Great

The new client consultation is an opportunity for us to meet you and your pet in your home and begin

 The new client consultation is an opportunity for us to meet you and your pet in your home and begin building a relationship with your pet. You will let us know what services you are interested in and we will answer any questions that you may have. We will cover some paperwork and talk about your specific pet care needs. 

Free Meet and Great ( First Step ) 

2nd Step Pick a service

3rd step have service provided 

4th step be part of Paws and Pamper Family 

Pup up Visits

Pet walker , pet sitting, Dog walking,

$20 for 15 Min Check in 

(7 am–3pm )  

Please Call and Inquire about evening check in's 

You Pet Receives with Pup Visit   

  • Stay in a secure, familiar environment.
  • Potty Break  
  • feed and water your pets. 
  • Play with them 

 Walk around/down Block to relive themselves always on a Harness for safety  

Paw Parade Walk 30 Min or 1 Hr

Dog Walking pet walking, Dog hikes, dog

 30 minute dog walking in Missoula  $35.00 

Walks are available from:

•Mornings (7 am–9 am ) 

• Midday (11 am–3pm) 

 Please Call and Inquire about evening check in's  

 You Pet Receives with Extended 30 Min Walk

  • Stay in a secure, familiar environment.
  • Potty Break  
  • feed and water your pets. 
  • Always on a Secure Harness with their Leash/ Collar 


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Pup Quick Visit Package: 6 Visits for $120.00 at 15 % OFF equals  $105.00

$105 for a 6 visit Package 

Extended stay Package 

6 visits for  $35.00 with 20%OFF equal 168.00

Package is 168.00 for 6 visits

Poop Paw-trol Package 

 Monthly:  $35.00 

Hotel Sitting


 Visiting our beautiful city of Missoula MT sometime soon – or  traveling for fun or business, the family pets get to come along, too! When you want to enjoy area attractions like shopping, gallery hopping, touring wine country, seeing live music or theater, or having a leisurely dinner at one of Missoula's fantastic restaurants, our pet sitters will provide one-on-one pet care in the comfort of your hotel room. Just like a regular Pet Sitting visit, your pet will enjoy walks and playtime, we’ll provide regular feedings and administer any necessary medication, and make sure your pets get plenty of love and attention so you can have a great time time out on the town.

Missoula Only 

Additional Services

bird sitting, small animal sitting, house sitting, dog walks dog hikes private dog walks dog walk,

Birds and Small Animals 

$20 for a 30 Min  Check in 

  • Change Bedding
  • Change Water 
  • Small animal Play time 
  • This service is catered to the pet type. Please Let us know how we can Help 


Waste Clean up "Poop Paw-trol " 

Once per week:  $15.50
Twice per week:  $24.00

Harness Rental 

$5 & $7 



How do you Schedule

  how do you schedule your Appointment ? - Please Schedule through the Online Portal if you don't know how call the Office and we will do it for you .  

Will my Pet Always have the Same Sitter

Their is only two of us at Paws and Pamper and  currently Aurora is the only one Sitting 

Do I need to Leave a Key .

  Yes 2 of them  

How do I Pay

  All  services are to be paid in advance of the coming services – no exceptions. Regular dog walking service payments are to be paid the first day of the week of services. Arrangements can be made to pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Payments are accepted in the form of a check  or Credit Card . There is a $25 fee for returned checks.  

What Happens if I have to Cancel

 We understand life happens, when possible, contact us 24 hours before service is scheduled to start in order to avoid the cancellation fee. Any cancellations less than 24 hours will forfeit any refund or credit.  We Must Confirm with you verbally or by  my System sending you a Text "Confirmation Cancellation Notice"   

Packages:  None refundable only creditable for the future

What Happens if I don't have a Harness ?

 you can rent on for  Small dogs & Med Dogs $5.00 and Large / Giant Dogs $7.00 

This is completely for your dogs safety and everyone's piece of Mind  


Holiday Charges

 A $10 charge per visit Except for Packages, Packages receive one ( $30) will be added witch is Half the value of days of the Package. New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve. 

Why should I hire a Dog Walker?

        Pets left unsupervised may get into trouble out of loneliness, frustration or boredom.  Mid-day walks are a great way to give your pets a necessary break during the day and are good for fitness, socialization and overall well-being.  A tired dog is happy, well-behaved, and not destructive.

Is a Dog Walker better than doggy day-care?

 Day-care is a good option for most dogs, but some learn bad habits and others are not happy or just don't get along.  If you decide to use a doggy day-care try a surprise visit and ask to look around.  At some facilities you can watch remotely and see for yourself the variety of canine experiences. 

My dog's behavior is not always appropriate.  What's going on?

Dogs thrive on consistency and will push you to see just what they can get away with.  A Dog Walker can re-enforce good behavior and help to solve undesirable ones

Same Day Requests

 All dog dog walking walking or sitting services booked the same day as service carry a charge of $10 and we cannot guarantee availability but will do our best to accommodate our existing customers as our schedule allows.

what are your Credentials

 Licence and Bonded, Insured, Pet First AID 

My Sitter is working on her first Aid Now. But Elizabeth Owner Of Paws and Pamper has taken Aurora under her wing and is helping her get all the Necessary  requirements besides being a loving pet enthusiast