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"Healthy report from the vet"


My Winston is a British Shorthair, when I picked him up from the breeder he was 12 weeks old. It was suggested to me that I continue with NuVet Plus, which I have. Winston loves the vitamins, once he is done eating his canned food he goes to his dry food and licks off the vitamins.

British Shorthair cats have lots of hair yet he never throws up hair balls-this must have something to do with the vitamins because I think that’s somewhat unusual. Winston always gets a very healthy report from the vet, including teeth. Winston is 4 now and I plan on continuing the NuVet Plus for the rest of his life. I recommend it to all my friends who have cats as well.*

Laura Whiteis

"Spinning donuts in the yard"


 I have been using your products almost two years now. I started using them after returning from a 3 month stay out of state. When I got home I noticed that my dog struggled to get up and she had a hard time walking. My groomer told me about NuJoint so I started her on them right away. About 2 months later I added NuVet Plus. 

I am happy to say she is back to her old self, even spinning donuts in the yard from time to time like she did when I rescued her from the county shelter 10 years ago. I feed these to Harri every morning. I put them in her bowl with her kibble and chicken jerky. Her pills are always the first thing she eats, then the jerky.  

Harri and I will forever be grateful for your products. Thank you.*

Shirley Greeley


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Adding to better health in my dog"



Dear Staff at NuVet Labs,

I have included a current picture of my dog, Vivica. Vivica is 12 years old. I adopted Vivica as a puppy, 3 months of age and I have been blessed with such an energetic and happy dog, I hated to see her age and slow down.

Thanks to your Products: NuVet Plus and NuJoint DS, she has the desire to be active and…she is willing to go for walks on her leash and likes to have play time in the yard. I thank you for these products and I know they are adding to better health in my dog.*

Terry Donmoyer

Behaves like a 4 year old"



Just want to say Thank You for helping our 14&1/2 year old English Setter. In just a few months of giving Sir Winston the NuVet Plus product, we have seen a great improvement in his posture and overall behavior. He has more energy and sometimes behaves like a 4 year old. He is very important to us and we are grateful…*

Jo-Ann Virga, Sir Winston's Mom